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Copyright Ownership

Preston Glass is the 20% owner of the rights in and to the song "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off"

Breakdown of Ownership

Traditionally, when discussing a song's income stream, 50% of the songs earnings have been deemed a so-called "Publishers Share" and other 50% is the so-called "Writers Share". We are selling the "Writers Share" in this transaction. See the link below for more information on how this works but please consult your legal advisor for a complete explaination.

Lee Ann Obringer. "How Music Royalties Work". May 24, 2003

Copyright Breakdown

What You Are Buying - Performance Rights Only

SongVest normally only sells a percentage of the writers share. Purchasing the actual copyright is a much more complex sale and to buy the publishing you have to either start, already own, or find a publishing company. As such, we are focusing intially on the writers share because there is no obligation to the buyer to do anything but cash checks and admire their purchase.

Ownership of the writers share is broken down into these pieces.

Copyright at Auction

We are selling 25% of the sellers writers share of Performance Rights only, highlighted in the below pie chart. (Mechanical Royalties are Not For Sale)

Copyright at Auction

Royalty Information

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Legal Disclaimer: SongVest relies 100% on the seller to provide royalty information about the songs we list at auction. Neither the seller nor SongVest can predict how much, if any, a song will generate in future royalties. Due to the uncertain nature of song usage, it is suggested that potential royalty stream revenue not be the sole motivation for making a purchase. Moreover, purchasers are strongly encouraged to do their own investigation into the performance or a particular song and the applicable copyright laws. SongVest in no way endorses the seller's statements listed above, nor does it make any warranty on the representation as to the rights transferred. By participating in any transaction, buyers and sellers expressly acknowledge that they have been encouraged to have the adequate opportunity to consult legal counsel of their own choosing or have voluntarily refrained from doing so.

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