We’re the world’s only song rights auction house. We connect fans with songwriters to share in the royalties of their favorite music. So when the writer gets paid – you’ll get paid. It’s the most exclusive music memorabilia ever made available. In addition to reaping a financial reward, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind Gold or Platinum album award. Past auctions have included songs recorded by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Monkees.

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Jerry Garcia Merl Saunders Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders

Own a Piece of the Historic Garcia and Saunders Collection Click Here

Prince 94 East Prince (feat. 94 East)

Own a Piece of Prince's classic music with 94 East Click Here

The Royalty Exchange Earth Wind and Fire

Own a Piece Shining Star and Other EWF Classic Hits Click Here

The Royalty Exchange Royalties as Investments

Check out The Royalty Exchange, a new site where you can buy royalties as investments Click Here

80's Auction Preston Glass 80's Auction

SongVest to auction Classic 80's hits from George Benson and Kenny G to Whitney Houston Click Here

Soul Plane Soul Plane Theme Auction

SongVest to auction Soul Plane Movie Theme sung by Snoop Dogg Click Here

Reggie CallowayReggie Calloway New Album Auction

SongVest breaks the mold with fan funding of Reggie Calloway's Bring Back the Love Album Click Here

Disney Dumbo Snow White BambiDisney Auction

SongVest to auction Disney Classic Catalog from Frank Churchill. Click Here

Stryper Together As OneStryper's Together As One

Michael Sweet is Auctioning Together As One. Top Bidder win's special dinner with Micheal and his wife. Click Here

Eric BenetEric Benet Auction

Register to Bid on Eric Benet's first two albums.

80's Music Auction80's Spring Auction Announced

Come back to SongVest in January to see our We Love the 80's Auction Lineup.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Preview Now Available

To Preview the Video, Register and Login. Then click the Account Button on the upper right of the homepage and you will see the link to the video.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Video At Auction

Ron Newt's personal 64 min video of MJ backstage during the 1981 Triumph Tour coming soon Click Here

Club NouveauClub Nouveau at Auction

‘Consciousness' from classic pop band Club Nouveau. Unique opportunity to own a percentage of a yet to be released album.Click Here

Black SheepBlack Sheep debut Album at Auction

SongVest has partnered with Willie Basse of Black Sheep to sell the album rights to their remastered debut album Trouble in the Streets. This is the first time SongVest has offered a percentage of a whole album. Additionally Willie has donated a percentage of the proceeds to chartiy. Click Here

StryperBreaking News from SongVest and Stryper

Because of overwhelming response, we have released a thirty second instrumental sample of "GOD" and published the lyrics. This is just for "You" the fans! To view the lyrics and hear the clip click below. Additionally, to give people enough time to listen to the clip and view the lyrics we have pushed back the end date of the Auction until June 5th at 3:00 PM eastern time. Click Here

StryperStryper With Another First At Auction

Stryper returns with their next single, “God” before the album is even released. And join the band in the studio for the final mastering. Click Here

StryperAmazing Stryper Package At Auction

Bid on a VIP Stryper package including rights to “Alive”, dinner with Michael Sweet, his personal guitar, band meet & greet, and amazing plaque with handwritten lyrics Click Here

Book PublishingBook Rights at Auction Again

Bid on the rights to author Jake Brown’s upcoming releases featuring ‘Jane’s Addiction’ and ‘Alice In Chains’ March 13-20. Click Here

Sell Publishing80’s R&B/Dance Hits At Auction

Bid on “I Wanna Be Rich”, “Freak-A-Zoid”, “Electricity”, “Casanova”, “Love Overboard”, and more December 12-19.Click Here

Sell PublishingEnuff Z’Nuff Rockers At Auction

Bid on the rights to MTV hits “Fly High Michelle” and “Baby Loves You” from Enuff Z’Nuff’s debut album November 21-28.Click Here

Sell PublishingFirst Ever Book Rights Auction

Bid on the rights to ‘An Education in Rebellion: The Biography of Nikki Sixx’ November 15 -22. High bidder awarded 30% of the royalties, Associate Publisher title, and multi-platinum album award.Click Here

Sell PublishingBidders Shatter 80’s Smashes

Pieces of Billboard Top 40 hits “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” and Natalie Cole’s “Miss You Like Crazy” just sold at SongVest for more than $20,000. Congratulations to the winning bidders – and stay tuned for the next auction announcement coming soon.Click Here

Sell SongsSongVest Hits the Press

The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, CNBC, Forbes - too many to count. The world is weighing in on Songvest. Click Here

Sell Music RoyaltiesSongVest Winners Page

Check out some of the SongVest Auction Winners Click Here

Buy RoyaltiesSongVest Launches Songs as Memorabilia

SongVest is the only online auction that allows songwriters and artists to sell music, sell songs, sell royalties or sell publishing to fans as memorabilia. Fans can now buy songs, buy royalties and buy publishing as memorabilia. Click Here

Buy SongsMore on SongVest and What We Do

"Everybody loves music. I’ve met people that hate the government, their parents, broccoli, you name it. I’ve never met anyone who hates music. There’s just something about it… Every time I hear a song that reminds me of a girlfriend that broke my heart, it still twinges in my heart. And that’s what separates this from all other kinds of memorabilia. Music attaches itself to the human soul – and this is a new way of spreading that joy. You get to have a piece of the song – it becomes a part of you. You own it. You become part of its history. Very cool." – Mark Hudson, Grammy Award-winning artist and music fan

Everybody has "that song." The one that lifts you up – or calms you down. The one that calls for more volume and passionate car singing. The one that floods you with memories of way back when. The one you and your love call "your song."

What if that song could actually be your song? Now it can.

By connecting songwriters with fans through auctions, SongVest is transforming the music industry. We've created a new patent pending venue for the trading of artists' intellectual and commercial property—their song rights and associated royalty streams.

Ownership comes with two things: bragging rights in the form of a one-of-a-kind Gold or Platinum wall award that includes handwritten and signed lyrics; and a paycheck every time the writer gets paid.

And because all transactions are reviewed and managed by legal and financial experts to make sure they're entirely lawful and future royalty payments are sent promptly, buyers can play their song all the way to the bank. Click Here

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