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Share in the Song Revenue of "Sorry" Recorded by Beyoncé

SongVest is the first music marketplace to offer Fans and Investors unprecedented access to purchase a share of royalties* from their favorite songs and artists.

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Every time a song is aired on the radio, streamed on Spotify, or used in a film, it generates money called a Royalty. This royalty is paid out to different rights holders like songwriters, publishers, producers and the artists.

SongVest allows these rights holders to sell their royalties to you via SongShares. so you can own a piece of your favorite song. Whether it is a percentage of just one song or an entire catalogue, we make it easy to purchase SongShares.

Build your Investment Playlist today! Remember, the more it plays, the more it pays. You can use the SongVest dashboard to keep tabs on your SongShares investment portfolio and share your songs and playlists on social media and other channels.

*What are Royalties?

How It Works



Create a SongVest account to participate in VIP Auctions and purchase SongShares. Check out live VIP Auction listings and review track details, financial highlights and other key investment info.


VIP Auction

Place non-binding bids on SongShares during limited time VIP Auctions which set the price of the SongShare units for purchase. Be sure to get your bids in before it ends!



When the offering goes live, purchase your reserved SongShares during the VIP Pre Sale.  Any shares that don’t sell out during the VIP Pre Sale are made available during a Public Offering.


Build Playlist

Build your Investment Playlist and use the SongVest dashboard to keep tabs on your SongShares investment portfolio. Woot! Royalties are paid out quarterly!