Carolina Ross Masters Catalog


This is an incredible opportunity to own the Masters to one of the biggest names in Mexico and Latin America, Carolina Ross.

Cima Music Group has built Carolina into a powerhouse by starting with some of the most iconic covers of Latin Music to build a huge following and then use that to open the door to her own original songs.

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Carolina is a powerhouse on Social Media.

1.9M on TikToK, 3M on YouTube, and 1.3M on Instagram. and 7.7M on Facebook.

She just doesn't have followers, but high engagement too. 699K daily video views on YouTube.

For Streaming, she is equally strong with 241K monthly listeners on Pandora and 1.3M on Spotify.

All of this translates into long-term opportunities for this rising star.

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Over the last 12 months this catalog generated Net $356,986 and the last 3 month average of $29,748.

The income is split by the current distributor into two categories, Masters and YouTube.  We will take a quick look at both.

The overview here is that the income has been very consistent over the last two years across both revenue streams, but let's look deeper.

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Although this is long and small it shows something very important, the breadth of this catalog.  The top two songs were released in 2018, and 2017 both cover songs.  The "Me Vas a Extranar" was originally released in 2016.  Both songs represent only 17% of the last month's income With the other top 34 songs at 6% down to 1% with the rest of the catalog at 18%.  This just shows how broad this catalog is on royalty income.

This is just a snapshot of the top songs with their release date by Carolina.  Because these are covers some of the songs have been originally released much earlier. This is just another example of the momentum that Cima has been able to build with the use of covers.  You can see her two original songs are also in the top group.  Carolina has a long career ahead that will do well to keep this catalog producing long term royalties.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.36.29 AM.png

This chart shows YouTube views by month.  The item to highlight here is the ongoing strength.  Most video views will substantially fall off after the cycle of a new song is released.  Because they chose classic covers for Carolina, the views are staying at a very high and flat rate.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.47.59 AM.png

Income for YouTube matches the spread of income but is even more spread out with 32% coming from the rest and the top two songs at 21%.  The top two song are switch though with "En Peligro do Extinction" falling to 7 and "Puno de Diamantes" at number two.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.33.13 AM.png

Streaming revenue by type shows no surprises.  Spotify is the leader with YouTube and AppleMusic about the same.  Note that this YouTube is for the use on the song, not from the video which is the other YouTube revenue.


If you are looking for an investment in masters that not only already has a strong income history but also has long-term potential with a fabulous new artist then this is what you need to look at.

You have upside potential with Carolina continuing to grow as an artist but because most of the income is from classic covers you are not relying on just her fan base to keep these songs being streamed and viewed for years to come.

Detailed data is HERE.

If you are interested in this catalog, please reach out directly to