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Chicago, IL


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For the first time, both fans and investors can get paid by the music that they love. Music revenue is making a tremendous comeback and is expected to double in the next ten years. To capitalize on that growth, we've created a marketplace for fans to participate in the royalties earned from new recordings by their favorite artists. 

Invest in Your Band                  Royalty Stock

Just Announced!

SongVest Records was just launched as the first fan funded record label! Learn more on how you can invest HERE!

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Grow Your Investment &

Join the Street Team

Record Labels and Artist can partner with us to share a percentage of their albums royalties with fans in return for an upfront investment. Whether it is to finance the album or just to share with fans, you have many financial and marketing opportunities with SongVest. READ MORE


At Auction Now in the Marketplace

More Auctions Comming Soon

This is a catalog by music producer Buck Nasty containing the top song "Hit the Quan" that peaked at 15 on Billboard. Currently, it averages $14.9K a year and is listed starting at $50K.

How It Works

Offering of

Multiple Albums

IPO Sold To Fans

Dividends Paid

We bundle multiple albums together into an IPO where the public can buy stock that pays a dividend each time albums/songs are sold or streamed.

We provide you tools to help increase sales and streams of your portfolio albums. Soon you can also trade your SongVest shares just like real stock.

When we start trading, you will be able to buy stock after the IPO and trade shares you already own. Buy low, sell high, provides just one more way for you to earn money.