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Chicago, IL


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Our new fan funding model will launch in January of 2018 with artists from Loud and Proud Record Label.


We are currently looking for additional launch customers who are looking to release an album or albums within the next six months.  

The only marketplace where artists and record labels can sell stock in their albums to fans and investors

If you are a record label or artist looking to forward royalties of your next album and create the most invested street team to help increase sales and streaming, look no further

SongVest allows your fans to become the investors in your music.  You define the percent of royalty paid out and how much you want to raise. In exchange for that royalty, fans buy shares via an IPO that allows you to get paid up front. Fans now own the coolest investment in the world and become a vested fan of your street team!

Increase Streaming & Forward Revenue

Increase Sales & Streaming

Because we bundle multiple albums together into one offering, your fan base dramatically increases. This occurs because the fans of the other albums who invest, now have just as much incentive to help market your album as they do the rest.


These fans are not ordinary fans either. They are invested fans. If they can help you sell or stream more, that means more royalties in their pocket.


We provide you with tools and strategies to engage these new investor fans in ways never possible before to have a real impact on increasing revenue.

  • You are projecting that over 3 years the new album will produce $300K in revenue

  • This is just a projection and it could be lower or higher

  • You decide you want to de-risk $100K by selling 33% of the revenue

  • At auction, you sell $100K of royalty shares (after fees)

  • You have forwarded the “potential” of $100K without any cost or interest expense like a loan

  • Also, you reduced the risk because that $100K could be lower, or higher

Forward Revenue and Reduce Risk

If you are a music artist or record label and want to forward revenue and reduce risk, SongVest is the best vehicle to make this happen. Why wait twelve months or more to collect the bulk of your revenue from a new album when perhaps you want to cut that wait time in half. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Immediate access to capital – By accelerating revenue, you will have access to that capital immediately

  2. Reduce risk – No one can fully project how a new album will sell; this can reduce the risk of any downside because you are selling a “projected revenue stream”


Raise Capital

If you are a music artist or record label and want to raise capital to finish a project and bring it to the market, SongVest can make that happen. You set a time frame (usually two to five years), and a percentage of royalty and/or amount per unit/stream that will be paid out. Then decide on the minimum amount you wish to raise for these royalties.


  • New Album – Projected Release in 8 months

  • Projected Gross Album Revenue $100K

  • Need $25K in financing for Sales and Marketing

  • Set Royalty % that would equal $25K in projected Gross Album Revenue from above

  • Raise $25K, have the cash immediately, and potentially pay out $25K if the album meets projections

  • You basically received a $25K advance at no cost