Under Contract - Catalog by Louis Yoelin

Suggested Price $225K

This catalog is under contract.  We will let you know if this falls through.This is a production music catalog paid by BMI and pushed by multiple production music companies and is across a large category of shows, including television, movies, and sports. It produced $47,885 over the last 4 quarters.


The top earners for the last year are NFL (18%) , International Income (13%) and Storage Hunters 7%.  The rest of the shows in the top 16 are all at 4% to 1% with the rest at 33%.  This is a good mix of television shows and movies that don’t rely too heavily on the top income producers.

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What is being sold? - The royalty stream of public performance that is being paid by BMI


What is the length of the royalty stream? - This will be paid ongoing for 70 years after the death of the last author


Do I have to push these songs to TV Shows? - No, these works were done in conjunction with music publishers and they are pushing the songs to TV shows.  You don't have to do anything

When will I get paid and by who? - You will get paid directly by BMI quarterly.  As soon as the assignment paperwork is completed, you will be paid that next quarter

The NFL is a bright spot, increasing by $3K over the past year and additional sports use in College Basketball and College Football.


Key TV shows, Storage Hunters, Extra, Say Yes to the Dress, Container Wars and a new pickup Dr. Oz are showing continued use and those shows show strength in continuing to be renewed on their respected networks.


Looking at the difference between 2014 and 2015, we see a good pickup of 16 shows over $100 for $10K and for $99-$10 64 shows for $2.3K compared to a loss of 4 over $100 at $1.6k and 31 at $817.  This follows the same pattern since 2011 where the net gains from 2011 through 15 are 39, $13K, 29, $4K, 76, 13K, 56, $11K, and 45, $10K. This follows the increase in revenue over that time frame.  Even with the flattening of the trend line, this underscores that having a large pool of publishers pushing the catalogs (which this catalog has) is working on providing more new shows than losses.


That is the key for any production music catalog, is it seeing new activity, or is it just old and dying off quickly.  This catalog has started to flatten revenue wise, but the number of shows and activity are continuing and the last two quarters were increasing.

There is always downside risk if the top shows change direction.  For NFL, they could stop using the songs, and that income could immediately go away as it is year by year specific and no reruns to keep it going.  Or it could continue to go up.


For Storage Hunters, there is a lot of opportunity for reruns, so even if the show cancels there is not a huge potential for downside. 


For Extra, Oz, E News, they could cancel as there are no reruns, but they continue to use them and E News even had a jump from $80 to $400 this last quarter.


The movies will continue to slow decline but will not go away as they will always play in some rotation on different networks. 

The Chart below breaks down the shows by Risk to highlight the revenue by type of show and risk profile.


List of Publishers Currently Pushing the Catalogs


North Star Media

D2 Music

Editor's Choice


Imaginary Friends

Crucial Music

Fundamental Music

Fat Sound Music

Carlson Entertainment

24 Hour Service Station

CBS (promo deal blanket license)


MTV/VIACOM (blanket license)

Bunim Murray 






Nightingale Music

Hook Line And Sync

Soundscape Media

Moonlab Music

Digital Assassin Music

Opus 1


Grand Slam Music

Aaron Jacoves

Immediate Music


Jingle Punks

Harry Fox Agency

Red Lab

Getty/Pump Audio

Perpetual Music

Mainstream Source

Auditive Network

Manhattan Production Music

Wayne Ledbetter

Sidekick Music Library

Epitome Music

Music Dealers


Blindfold Sound

Mibe Music


Pink Shark



Brightmind Music

Propeller Music

Princess Blue 

United Entertainment

Song And Film

Touch Music Publishing

Total Media Tracks


615 Music

BMG Music production library

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