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SongVest Creates Gold Record Coin NFT Market

At SongVest we believe that NFTs can enable a new opportunity for music. The issue though is how to create it and use it not only to generate revenue today through the sales of NFTs but also allow the original owners the ability to continuously generate royalties every time the NFTs are traded.


The good news is that we have solved both problems. Not only can we help you generate NFTs for current or past releases of albums, but we have the infrastructure to implement and manage the perks you add to your NFT. It is one thing to create the perks, it is another to ensure your fans have a great experience.


The last and most important item is that our marketplace allows fans to buy and trade these NFTs. SongVest has more experience than anyone in building a music marketplace. We not only allow the trading of NFTs but more importantly the royalty payout from each transaction the goes back to the original owner. This is a brand new royalty stream for the artist and record label.


SongVest is putting the final touches on what we have termed Gold Record Coins and now is the time for you to sign up and learn more.

How it Works for Sellers

Before we begin, the first thing you need is fans.  NFTs are not a way to get fans, it is a way to interact with your current fans.  If you don't have at least 100K followers on one of the social channels like Instagram, then this isn't for you.

If you have the fans, then the first step is to figure out what your fans are excited about. Do you tour, do livestreams, do covers?  How have you engaged your fans in the past as that is key on how we might use NFTs to engage them.

Once we understand the fans and what excites them about you, then we can work on crafting an NFT that really appeals to them and is unique enough that selling them at auction will drive up the value for both you and the buyer.

We will work with you on creating these special NFTs and packaging them for market.  Examples are, special versions of songs that include live performances in person or via zoom, and if you tour, there are multiple ways to create really unique experiences for fans.

After we complete the packages that we will auction, we will work together with you on a marketing plan that engages and excites the fan base.  Everything is about bringing fans together with you to share in these new unique opportunities.

We will hold the auction at our site and immediately offer the ability for fans to trade these NFTs.  Each NFT trade will have a commission associated and you receive 25% of any trade commission so that you continue to generate income from these NFTs even after the auction.

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