Hip-Hop Collective HBK Gang Drop SongShares of Their Classic Album "Gang Forever"

Updated: Feb 14

HIP HOP COLLECTIVE HBK GANG PARTNER WITH SONGVEST TO SELL ROYALTY SHARE UNITS TO FANS The company's innovative platform allows fans to become investors in music royalties

Only 820 SongsShares Will be Made Available of the Classic Hip Hop Album "Gang Forever"

February 14, 2022: Today Hip Hop collective The HBK Gang announced they are teaming up with SongVest, to sell fractionalized shares of their music royalty income from their bay area hip hop classic album Gang Forever. Fans who buy HBK's SongShares could collect royalty income in proportion to the amount they own and mutually benefit from successes alongside HBK members. Link here

In addition, these HBK fan investors will receive an individually numbered limited edition HBK gold coin as a physical representation to commemorate being one of the first investors in the band Songshares.

Based in Richmond, California, and the San Francisco Bay Area, The HBK Gang was founded by Iamsu!, Chief, Skipper, and P-Lo in 2008; members also include singer Kehlani, and rapper-producers Sage the Gemini, IsThatCJ, Rossi, Dave Steezy, Jay Ant, and Kool John. "

"We are thrilled to partner with HBK Gang, who have been innovators in the hip hop genre for close to a decade; they understand the importance of fan connection and realize that SongShares is a unique way for them to share their success with fans for the long term," said founder and CEO Sean Peace.

HBK shared, "We're very amped to work with the SongVest team & give fans the opportunity to own a piece of history & make money with us by purchasing royalties on our classic album Gang Forever. Yee!! "

SongVest is an innovative music fan investment platform and royalties marketplace that allows fans to buy royalty units called SongShares, of their favorite songs with an intent to share in the income stream with their favorite artists. SongVest's founder and CEO, Sean Peace, who also founded Royalty Exchange, is an expert in operating a royalties marketplace. He innovated the game-changing SongShares business model to foster a unique level of fan engagement while providing an exciting new way for anyone to invest in songs they love and share in the royalty income. A pioneer in the securitization of music royalties, the company, Royalty Traders, LLC dba SongVest, utilizes Regulation A+ of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to sell music.

For more information on SongVest, or to view information on upcoming SongShares offerings, visit songvest.com. Follow us @songvest and Follow HBK @hbkgangmusic

Read the Offering Circular before you invest at https://www.songvest.com/offering

For Questions and More Information: paige.reese@songvest.com

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