Sold - Mexican Ringtone Catalog

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

ProVox Playbacks is a mix of new and classic Latin and US pop/rock songs that are ringtones sold in Mexico on iTunes.

Ringtones are a great asset to own because the payouts are like digital downloads of old, so it doesn’t take many ringtones to generate substantial revenue when each costs $1.29 gross.  That is why you can see such large swings in revenue each statement for an individual song.

The overall revenue from this catalog has been very constant over the last two plus years with only a slight overall decline.

There are 1219 songs in this catalog producing revenue over the last two years.  This is a huge set of songs that helps reduce the fluctuation that individual songs might have which is also why you see such a steady revenue flow.

Check out the full listing HERE

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