CATALOG: This is the masters of KeKe Wyatt’s albums “KeKe Covers” and “Rated Love” as well as the singles “Sexy Song”, “Sumertime” and “Love Me”



LAST 12 MONTHS REVENUE: $29,581 (inGrooves) + $342 (SoundExchange) = $29,923

Ke’Tara Shavon “Keke” Wyatt is an American R&B singer and television personality. After performing in a number of girl bands and working as a songwriter during her teenage years, in 2004 she garnered national attention after her successful collaboration with fellow R&B singer Avant. In 2006 her rendition of “Nothing in This World” led to a nomination for the Best New R&B/Soul/Rap Artist award at the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. After a number of charting collaborations and solo releases, in 2017 she starred as a cast member in TV One’s R&B Divas: Atlanta, which featured the lives of five 1990s chart-topping R&B singers. She was featured in all 3 seasons of the show. She also performed with the group at events such as Essence Music Festival.

In her career, Wyatt released official studio albums, including Soul Sista (2001), Who Knew? (2010), Unbelievable (2011), and her latest and recent release, Rated Love (2016). All of these albums charted prominently on Billboard, as did her first and only EP release, Ke’Ke’ (2014). Wyatt has also released a number of charting singles, with the lead single “Sexy Song” from the album Rated Love peaking at number 29 on the Adult R&B Songs chart.

In February of 2017 Keke released the album KeKe Covers where she had a breakout cover of Tennessee Whiskey originally sung by David Allen Coe.

inGrooves Income

We have a great set of historical data going back to 2017 which is when the “KeKe Covers” was released, which is the top producing album behind “Rated Love” which was released in 2016. From the chart we see the normal degradation over time, as we are looking for flatline and stability. It looked like 2019 was close but we see there was another drop at the beginning of 2020 that stabilized in August. This could be another potential flatline with minimal degradation.

Looking at income by album, 94% was generated by KeKe Covers (2017) and Rated Love (2016). Rated Love was her commercial hit album while KeKe Covers was more of a YouTube production that has turned into a much longer tail producer of income.

Looking at the income by song we see a great spread of risk across the complete catalog. Tennessee Whisky is the top earner at 41% with the next top 5 ranging from 4% – 8% and the rest of the catalog at 21%. This is a great spread across two albums which helps with income stability.

Evaluating the income by the provider, it looks very consistent except for YouTube income that saw a large drop off in the first 5 months of the year, but looks to have stabilized in the last 5 months.

Sound Exchange Revenue

While Sound Exchange only provides about $115 a quarter, it represents enough income to do a quick evaluation to make sure there aren’t any anomalies in the revenue. Except for a substantial dip in Q3 or 2019, the income has been very steady since Q2 of 2018.

The top income-producing song is actually Fall in Love with 89%.

Pandora and Google Play Music represent the top income providers with Pandora actually seeing a small increase.


This is a good investment catalog that is well into finding its flatline. The income has been solid and spread well across two albums with a commercial release and covers album that provides an even great hedge with the covers because they span hits outside of KeKe’s fan base.

Owning the copyrights to these masters is also a unique opportunity because you have the right to continue to exploit these masters in other ways if you choose.

Data for inGrooves and SoundExchange

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