At auction now is the complete Masters catalog of STARPARAMOUR. an up and coming artist that has, over his last four albums, build a streaming royalty base of $5,590 a month on just iTunes along through is own grassroots marketing.

This is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an artist that has shown they not only have the talent but the awareness and marketing prowess to build a huge fan following.

He is planning to use the sale of this catalog to reinvest in new music and increase his marketing and fanbase on other platforms besides just iTunes.

Click HERE for the Auction

More on STARPARAMOUR below and a link to an article about his first album HERE.

The artist calls himself STARPARAMOUR– Star for the dream he has of being a world-renowned artist and paramour for the fact that he’s a “universals lover.” Under that stage name, he released his debut album on January 16, 2019, called “Nights.” The first single from that album, “The Man,” reached top 200 on the charts fairly quickly after the release, and since that time the album has been gaining traction across the rest of the country. His sound has been described as one part PartyNextDoor, one part Drake, one part Kanye West, and all parts original and one-of-a-kind.

“It’s its own sound,” he said. “You can’t really find anything like it. I’ve heard people say I remind them of PartyNextDoor or even The Wknd – and those are my favorite artists so I don’t mind that. But I’m different than them. I have that wave – that star wave – that separates me from anyone else.”

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