Two New Auctions and a full Mobile Studio for Sale

Larrosa Music has a great ringtone catalog for sale. This is a catalog of cover songs ranging from classic to current hits and television and movie themes and soundtracks.

In the last 12 months it earned $30K and the long term outlook is great.

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BHP Music and Trax Records has an incredible offer for anyone who wants to own the masters to some of the top guitarists in music.  This is the complete set of masters and publishing to the Guitar Master Series featuring legends: Larry Coryell, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Billy Sheehan to name a few.

The buyer of this catalog will be someone who loves the guitar and would enjoy listening to these master tracks and even remixing them if they wish.

Learn More HERE.

This Professional Mobile Recording Studio was created by Multi Emmy Award winner Brian Tarquin for him to record some of the most iconic guitarists in the world.  It allowed him to bring the studio to them and record some incredible music.

Learn More HERE.

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