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Just Announced!

SongVest is changing to just a listing platform for Royalty Generating Catalogs.  The model of investing in new Albums has been rolled into SongVest Records.

You will still be able to find royalty listings at SongVest for investment but all new album investments will be through the SongVest Records company.

SongVest Records was just launched as the first fan funded record label! Learn more on how you can invest HERE!

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Changes at Songvest


At Auction Now in the Marketplace


This catalog includes a group of 3 artists that were developed for Toma 2 records over the last 2 years, achieving solid stability across digital platforms, especially on Spotify where some tracks where featured in editorial playlists.  

Drake - Foxy Brown Catalog

This is a solid catalog comprising earlier songs from Foxy Brown and two recent hits from 2018, one from Nicki Minaj with Foxy Brown and a single from Drake’s Scorpion album.

hit the quan.jpg

This is a catalog by music producer Buck Nasty containing the top song "Hit the Quan" that peaked at 15 on Billboard. Currently, it averages $14.9K a year and is listed starting at $50K.