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Before you sell your royalties for the term of the copyright, you should consider obtaining an advance.  An advance allows you to gain upfront cash for your music royalty stream and is paid off over time by future royalties. 

The best part about an advance is after it is paid back, you get 100% of your royalty income back.​ SongVest can evaluate your royalty streams and facilitate an advance loan on future earnings at lower rates than other major finance companies. Sell your royalties through our auction platform, with a minimum reserve price guaranteed.

We also offer private advances direct from SongVest to sellers. ​Let SongVest build a custom finance solution for you.

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Advance FAQs

What is a royalty advance?

An advance allows you to gain upfront cash now for your music royalty stream and is paid off over time by future royalties. Typically, they have a 5-year term to pay off the advance amount plus interest. After the final payment is made, the royalty streams revert back to you!

How much interest do I have to pay?

SongVest has the lowest advance rates in the industry. Your custom proposal will include the maximum IRR. But our unique auction process ensures that you get the highest value for your royalty stream, which may decrease the total payback amount.

Who funds the royalty advances?

To provide you with the most money for your royalty advance we allow investors to competitively bid through our auction process. This can be handled either through our public marketplace or confidentially through our private network.

How can I get a royalty advance?

SongVest will analyze your royalty statements and provide a custom proposal with the estimated total and payoff amounts for a specific term. Once approved, we sell your royalties at auction, where the bidding may increase the total amount paid to you!

What if I don't know if I'm getting all my royalties?

You should talk to your publisher, record label, or distribution partner. Independent artists can register with non-profit groups like BMI, ASCAP, The Mechanical Licensing Collective, SoundExchange, or other organizations to make sure you are getting paid for your music.

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