SongVest is the first music marketplace to offer fans and investors the ability to purchase Songshares from their favorite songs and artists.


SongShares are the only Regulation A+ SEC qualified offering that allows fractional ownership of music royalties, opening the alternative asset class to the general public and democratizing ownership in music.

Founded by Sean Peace in 2007, SongVest originally sold royalties as memorabilia to fans until 2011.  In 2021, SongVest was reborn utilizing the JOBS Act to fulfill the vision of bringing song ownership to fans everywhere via SongShares.

The Team

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Sean Peace


Sean Peace created the original SongVest in 2007 to sell royalties as memorabilia. That let to the creation of Royalty Exchange, the first online market to buy and sell music royalties at auction.

Selling Royalty Exchange in 2015, he has been working on seeing his vision completed to create the first stock market where fans can invest in their favorite artist.

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Paige Reese


Paige Reese has 15+ years experience working in music and entertainment. She was Director of Marketing for one of the nation's busiest arenas and Head of Operations for an Inc. 5000 start-up entertainment marketing agency before opening her own business to provide music licensing and clearance services. Reese is responsible for SongVest's operations & marketing. 

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Zac Anderson


Former Controller at Royalty Exchange.  Zac has extensive experience with royalty analysis and was instrumental in the development of the investor portal and payment system

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Justin Proulx

VP Sales




Justin Proulx is a music executive with years of experience in management and music royalty or catalog financing. In addition to running his own music management company, Proulx was a Royalty Specialist for a large music finance firm. Now at SongVest, Proulx has specialized in building relationships in the hip-hop industry and creating custom finance solutions for artists and songwriters.


Jesse Atwell

Head of Marketing




Jesse Atwell is an entertainment marketing executive with 15+ years experience launching and managing national, high-profile campaigns for major brands like Sony Music and Hallmark Cards.

Atwell has worked multiple RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum selling records for top-selling artists within both the indie and major label systems.












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Alex Guiva

Chairman and  Cofounder




Mr. Guiva is a co-founder of RoyaltyTraders LLC. Over the last fifteen years, Mr. Guiva has been an investor in the technology, music, food and manufacturing companies in the US and internationally and closed more than 50 M&A transactions. He serves as Chairman of DevelopScripts LLC dba, a white-label subscription-based digital platform allowing users to organize, manage, and conduct auctions through a centralized medium facilitating business transactions as well as fundraising efforts. Mr. Guiva is an active investor in the music royalty space, as featured in the Forbes magazine, and his portfolio of royalty assets include works by Cardi B, Cage The Elephant, Dire Straits, Willow Smith, Madcon and others. 


Ben Stauffer

Royalty Analyst



Previously a member of the executive leadership team of an independent music company in the Nashville area, Ben Stauffer has two decades of business experience with a variety of companies, including a record label and music publishing company, a music business management firm, an S&P 500 company, and Big 4 public accounting firms.

He also created "Sounds Good To Me," a music discovery podcast which he produces and hosts.

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Drew Smyser

Client Support



Drew’s role at SongVest includes operations, administration, and client support. He has spent time serving on a church staff as a worship pastor, worked as a professional musician, and holds a music business degree from Belmont University


Brian Dao

Product Manager



When companies seem to plateau in performance, Brian Dao is always looking for new ways and systems to amplify companies to their highest potential.

A builder and entrepreneur at heart for almost 20 years with two successful exits, Brian enjoys the thrill of seeking out challenges that involve maximizing organizational efficiency with deployment of process automation in a variety of industries including clean energy, medical, aftermarket automotive, and consumer products.  

He is an occasional speaker at the University of California at Irvine and is a judge at the annual UC Irvine Beall & Butterworth Product Design Competition.