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I created the first online marketplace to buy and sell music royalties with Royalty Exchange.  Having sold the company in 2015, I kept my finger on the pulse with pursuing SongVest Records, the only fan funded record label.

I restarted SongVest as a marketplace to buy and sell royalties because I kept being approached by both buyers and sellers because of my personal relationships.  This expanded to selling complete labels as well as moving into catalog financing.

My expertise and connections allow me to get the highest valuation possible for your sale which includes providing financing when needed.

The Team

Sean Peace

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Sean created the original SongVest in 2007 to sell royalties as memorabilia. That let to the creation of Royalty Exchange, the first online market to buy and sell music royalties at auction.


Selling Royalty Exchange in 2015, he has been working on seeing his vision completed to create the first stock market where fans can invest in their favorite artists via SongVest Records.

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