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Founded by Sean Peace in 2007, SongVest originally sold royalties as memorabilia to fans. That led to the creation of Royalty Exchange in 2011, the first online market to buy and sell music royalties at auction. After selling Royalty Exchange to private investors in 2015, Peace created SongVest Records, the only fan-funded music record label.


In 2020, SongVest marketplace relaunched with a focus on buying and selling music royalties and catalogs through auction and private sales. SongVest offerings have evolved to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, including offering private advances, and has the lowest rates in the industry.

The Team

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Justin Proulx, VP, Sales

Justin Proulx is a music executive with years of experience in management and music royalty or catalog financing. In addition to running his own music management company, Proulx was a Royalty Specialist for a large music finance firm. Now at SongVest, Proulx has specialized in building relationships in the hip-hop industry and creating custom finance solutions for artists and songwriters.


Sean Peace, Founder

Sean Peace created the original SongVest in 2007 to sell royalties as memorabilia. That let to the creation of Royalty Exchange, the first online market to buy and sell music royalties at auction.

Selling Royalty Exchange in 2015, he has been working on seeing his vision completed to create the first stock market where fans can invest in their favorite artist, as well as launching SongVest Records, the first fan-funded music label.

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Paige Reese, Director of Operations

Paige Reese has 15+ years experience working in music and entertainment. She was Director of Marketing for one of the nation's busiest arenas and Head of Operations for an Inc. 5000 start-up entertainment marketing agency before opening her own business to provide music licensing and clearance services. Reese is responsible for SongVest's operations & marketing.