ENDS TOMORROW: Blue's Clues and You! and Rusty Rivets Theme Songs Royalties

"Blue's Clues and You!" ends tomorrow!

"Blue's Clues and You!" ends tomorrow!

This offering ends tomorrow, March 1. This is your last chance to place your bids. Bid here.

This offering contains one hundred percent (100%) of the copyright income for performance and merchandising synchronization (“sync”) from the writer’s share of income paid by BM and Sony Music Publishing (Sony) from the music compositions listed on the offering page, including the theme songs from children’s television programs 'Blue’s Clues & You!' and 'Rusty Rivets.'

This offering includes over 200 titles featuring original theme songs and related songs.

Type of Rights: Writer's Share
Type of Income: Synch, Public Performance
Paid By: BMI, Sony Music Publishing
Term (Life or Yrs): Life of copyright


Sony Music Publishing pays bi-annually. BMI pays quarterly.

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