Launched Today: Cash Click Boog Sound Recordings Auction

Cash Click Boog Sound Recordings Auction Launched Today!

Cash Click Boog Sound Recordings Auction Launched Today!

We launched a new Auction today on SongVest!

This offering contains ninety-five percent (95%) of the copyright income from the sound recording owner’s share of income paid by EMPIRE from the sound recordings, featuring artist Cash Click Boog, listed on the offering page here.

Cash Click Boog is a rising rapper hailing from Richmond, California. Following his debut album, 2017’s The Birdhouse, he released several singles, most of which would appear on this catalog’s highest-earning album, Indictment Music (2018). The top track from that album and the highest earner in this catalog, “Gang In Here,” features Yatta, and a remix featuring hip hop legend E-40 as well as Philthy Rich, was released later in 2018. Several albums and other releases included in this offering have followed, including The Streets Ah Vouch and the EP Extras (both in 2019) and the single “RPs” featuring Sada Baby and Rio Da Yung Og, which later appeared on 2020 album Voice Of The Struggle. A collaborative release with fellow Bay-area rapper Toohda Band$, the EP South East Allstars, followed in November 2021.

Check out the Auction here and place your bids!