Launched Today: Yid Sound Recordings Auction

Yid Sound Recordings Auction Launched Today!

Yid Sound Recordings Auction Launched Today!

We launched a new Auction on SongVest!

This offering contains ninety percent (90%) of the copyright income from the sound recording owner’s share of income paid by Rapbay/UrbanLife from the sound recordings, featuring artist Yid, listed on the offering page here.

Bay area rapper Yid has been dropping music since 2016, when he released his debut album, Stuck in the Field, which includes his most successful track to-date, “Keep It on Me” which features Lil Yee. The following year saw Yid release the album’s sequel, Stuck in the Field Part II, with its fifteen tracks including guest appearances by Philthy Rich (“Pay Me”) and OMB Peezy (“Famous Now”). These two albums provide the majority of this catalog’s revenues. Album “Hottest in the City,” included in this offering, was also released in 2017.

Later releases by Yid include a seven-plus minute remix of “Keep It on Me” with Bay area legends E-40 and Mistah F.A.B. along with Bubbamadethebeat, Lil Yee, Mozzy, Nef The Pharoah, and Philthy Rich, album Stuck in the Field 3, and a collaborative album with Bubbamadethebeat, Sorry 4 da Hold Up, all in 2019. Yid continues to release music, with four singles out already in 2023.

Check out the Auction here and place your bids!