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Detroit rapper Babys World started his career with the moniker “Lil Baby,” but due to the major label success of another artist with the same name, he changed his name to Babys World for subsequent releases. In 2017, the artist was very prolific, with four major releases, including the EP Million Dollar Baby (as Lil Baby), breakout album Counted In The Dark which features four of the top five tracks in this catalog, including closing track “Deep Thought,” a collaboration with Detroit area rappers Baby Money, Band Gang Lonnie Bands, Band Gang Masoe, and Shredgang Mone. That year also saw the release of collaborative album Baby Brothers with Baby Money. In the following year, Babys World released album 100 x 100, and 2019 saw the release of the follow-up album El Baby, which features the artist’s most successful track to-date, the collaborative “Further Than Close,” featuring Drego, Baby Money, and GlockBoy 40. In 2020, Babys World released two albums, the twenty-three track Babys World 2 and Money & Power, and in March 2022, the artist released his most recent project, Have Money Have Heart.

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Term (Life or Yrs): Life of copyright


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