Get Shaudie Man SongShares

Get Shaudie Man SongShares.

Get Shaudie Man SongShares.

This is your VIP invitation to directly participate in Shaudie Man's musical success. Introducing SongShares® - the first SEC qualified royalties program allowing fans to earn royalty checks alongside their favorite artist. Get Shaudie Man SongShares.

As a Shaudie Man SongShare holder, you'll collect royalties from one his top tracks "Step." This smash hit has already generated major streaming numbers, with more ahead.

Owning a SongShare makes you an insider in Shaudie Man's musical journey:

  • Earn 100% of the streaming royalties when his song gets played (*Offering total percentage)
  • Access members-only events like private Q&A's
  • Display your personalized SongShare ownership certificate
  • Option to buy a custom framed record award

And at higher tiers:

Purchase 3 SongShares: Live Video Q&A

Shaudie Man will host one Live Video Q&A to answer questions submitted before the event.

Purchase 10 SongShares: Meet & Greet/studio session with Shaudie Man

Buyers at this level will have a chance to meet Shaudie man in the studio.  You and a friend are invited to attend.  Travel will be on you to get there while Shaudie Man will provide you a once in a lifetime experience.

This is more than just a piece of paper - it's a backstage pass into the world of a chart-topping artist.

The chance won't last long. Become a SongShare holder now and start collecting royalties alongside your favorite artist!

Get Shaudie Man SongShares.