SOLD OUT: Erik Cain Recordings SongShares are SOLD OUT

Erik Cain Recordings SongShares are SOLD OUT!

Erik Cain Recordings SongShares are SOLD OUT!

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Erik Cain Recordings
Catalog from Alabama native R&B/Hip-Hop Artist, Erik Cain

Type of Rights: Sound Recording Owner's Share
Type of Income:
Sound Recording
Paid By:
Term (Life or Yrs):
Life of Copyright

90% of Sound Recording Owner’s Share

About Erik Cain
Alabama native R&B/hip hop artist Erik Cain broke into the scene with several singles and his debut album Stay Tuned and his top album to-date, Ready Or Not, both in 2019. The later album includes Cain’s top track, “Up, Up, and Away,” as well as other fan favorites “Odie Flows” and “Heart Gold.” In 2020, Cain released Heart and Soul, Vol. 1, featuring the popular “Scattered,” in March and followed it up with its sequel release, Heart and Soul, Vol. 2, in November of that year. Cain has continued his efforts with several single releases, including his latest, “Bird In The Sky,” in October 2022.

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