SOLD OUT: Young L Catalog SongShares Offering SOLD OUT in 24 Hours

The Young L SongShares Offering SOLD OUT in 24 Hours!

The Young L SongShares Offering SOLD OUT in 24 Hours!

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Young L Catalog
Public Performance Royalties from Early 2000s Rap Catalog

Type of Rights: Writer's Share, Co-Publisher's Share
Type of Income: Public Performance
Paid By: ASCAP
Term (Life or Yrs): Life of Copyright

100% of Songwriter’s Share

100% of related Co-Publisher’s Share

ASCAP pays royalties quarterly

About The Pack
On the street and on mixtapes, they often use their alternate name, the Wolfpack, but the Bay Area crew that exploded onto the scene with its ode to slip-on sneakers is officially known as The Pack. Members Lloyd "Young L" Omadhebo, Keith "Stunna" Jenkins, DaMonte "Uno" Johnson, and Brandon "Lil B" McCartney were skateboarding and hip-hop fiends who all attended the same high school when they first came together in 2005. As the hyphy movement started emerging as the Bay Area's answer to crunk, the teen group staked its hyphy claim in 2005 with the street-level release, Wolfpack Muzik, Vol. 1. The release made some local noise, but it was 2006's Wolfpack Muzik, Vol. 2 that really set things in motion. Young L 's minimal production was a fascinating mix of slowed-down hyphy with a bit of Atlanta's "snap" music – replacing the usual snare drum with a finger snap – thrown in, best illustrated by the leadoff track, "Vans." Declaring their favorite brand a better and cheaper alternative to the more expensive Nike, "Vans" dominated West Coast radio thanks to its hook, an incredibly infectious one that was delivered by a strange robot voice. When the legendary Too $hort caught the single on the radio, he immediately searched out The Pack and signed them to the Jive-distributed label Up All Nite. It wasn't until December 2006 that their seven-song EP, Skateboards 2 Scrapers, finally came out, and not until October of the following year that their full-length debut, Based Boys, hit shelves. In 2009, The Pack found themselves in a feud with New Boyz, with Stunna accusing the So-Cal group of copying their musical and fashion style. The following year the group released its second official full-length, Wolfpack Party.