SongVest FAQs: What is a VIP Sale or Public Sale?

What is a VIP Sale or Public Sale?

What is a VIP Sale or Public Sale?

After a VIP Auction is complete, participants who had a winning bid at the close will have the first opportunity to buy their SongShares at the price set during a private VIP Sale. These bidders can purchase UP TO the number of shares they had as part of their winning bid. They can purchase less, but not more.

After the VIP Sale window, all remaining shares will be available for the public to purchase at that same price. Eligible participants in the VIP Sale who missed their window, or who want to buy additional shares, can do so during the live public offering.

Purchasers will make payment through the SongVest website and will receive a Buyer Subscription document via docusign that must be electronically signed before the transaction is considered complete. When all SongShares are sold, or the minimum amount of the offering as defined in the Royalty Option Agreement has been reached, the offering can close. 

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