PUBLIC SALE ALERT: TLC SongShares® Available Now

TLC SongShares® are available now!

TLC SongShares® are available now!

TLC, one of the best-selling American girl groups of all time, has partnered with SongVest to give fans the opportunity to purchase fractionalized royalties from the trio's beloved catalog. Beginning today, TLC fans now have the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite songs and receive earned royalty payments from the group's newly-recorded versions of their hits "No Scrubs," "Diggin' On You," and "Creep."

TLC SongShares are available now for purchase.

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“We’ve always tried to show our fans how much they are appreciated. From including their letters in Fanmail, and inviting them to be a part of our last project,” said TLC. “This partnership with SongVest offers another opportunity to show our gratitude to our amazing fans and to include them in TLC history in a very special way.”

The limited run of SongShares® are available now to purchase.

“We’re excited to work with TLC to engage their audience in a new and innovative way, helping them create invested fans by selling shares of music royalties directly to their audience,” said Sean Peace, CEO of SongVest. “Since SongShares owners receive a portion of the royalties paid out from the songs, SongShares are a great way for artists to directly involve their fans and motivate them to share in the success of their career.”

Buyers will also have the opportunity to claim a complimentary digital collectible, provided by mass-consumer Web3 technology company OneOf, for each SongShare purchased.

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