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SongVest has joined forces with Black Dog Music Partners to provide music royalty advances for their community of musicians.

Finance Your Future

If you are a recording artist, music producer, writer, recording label, or any music rights owner, we can provide options for catalog sales or advances, with the lowest rates in the industry.

Keep your copyrights. Get funds now.


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Before you sell your royalties for the term of the copyright, you should consider obtaining an advance.  An advance allows you to gain upfront cash for your music royalty stream and is paid off over time by future royalties.  The best part about an advance is after it is paid back, you get 100% of your royalty income back.

SongVest can evaluate your royalty streams and facilitate an advance loan on future earnings at lower rates than other major finance companies.

Get a quote/analysis of your royalty stream

Choose your minimum sale price and percentage of royalty stream

Your royalties are placed for sale with a suggested sale price and investors make offers to buy them

Upon sale, your royalty rights are transferred and payment is sent to you as soon as the transfer is confirmed

Why SongVest?

Are you interested in raising funds for a new venture? Need a financial boost? We give you the opportunity to carve off a piece of your royalties and sell it to our large community of buyers. In the end, you gain top value.


What type of royalties can I sell?

We accept all types of music royalties including performance rights, masters, publishers, producer points, and more. We work with you to get the highest value of your royalties.


You define the percentage to be put up for sale, and the minimum sale price


We do all of the work! No up-front costs, and it's free to list your item

Top Value

Our large community of investors will compete in our marketplace, resulting in the highest value for your royalty stream


After a sale and documents are signed, your payment will send after the transfer confirmation is completed

Customer Service

Professional assistance for pricing your royalty stream, and determining the ideal percentage of your royalty stream to sell in our marketplace


SongVest offers private or public sales to ensure the privacy of your listing and any involved parties

Do I have to sell all of my royalties?

The percentage of your royalty stream you sell, and the set minimum sale price, are completely up to you.

How quickly can I sell my music royalties?

Once we have all of the previous years royalty statements, we can usually find a buyer within 30 days.

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