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Here at SongVest we strive to provide our music fans not only the ability to take part in your favorite artist's journey, but also to be able to get exclusive invitations just for those who have purchased SongShares.

This allows for us to help build a stronger connection between the artists and music fans.

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Don Toliver Writer's Catalog


"After Party", "Cardigan" & "Spaceship"

performed by Don Toliver



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Exclusive Event Invitations

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"I originally started SongVest in 2007, and then created Royalty Exchange in 2011, eventually selling it in 2015.  SongVest was resurrected in 2020 because the vision for fan investment has never been achieved, until now. 

SongVest today represents the complete vision I had back in 2007 where fans can invest in royalty streams for as little as $20."

Sean Peace

CEO and Founder of SongVest


"Working with Songvest made the whole process simple and quick. Justin and the entire team kept me up to date the whole time and I was able to get the capital I wanted for an upcoming project quicker than I thought. Definitely won't be the last time we work together!" - Fredro Star


"SongVest helped to find the best option for immediate capital for a business venture I'm involved with, and without giving up my copyrights. The team worked on a custom solution that made sense for me with their new advance auction and I think more artists and songwriters need to know about it." - DJ Montay