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With over $22 billion in royalty payouts each year, music royalties increased in 2020 by 8.2% and are a great alternative asset class to hedge against the stock market.

At SongVest, you now have access to purchase these stable, profitable assets in a secure and efficient marketplace.

Steady Income
Royalties are historically very stable investments. Each royalty asset listing will provide at least three years of historical financial data.

With the fluctuations in the stock market and other investment vehicles, royalty investments are a stable addition to any investor's portfolio.

Potential Upside
Some royalty assets, particularly in music and intellectual property, will experience large spikes in revenue based on the increased use or reuse of the asset (i.e. a song is used in a TV commercial or movie).

Royalty streams last for the life of the copyright or ownership expires. In many cases, royalties can be paid for up to 75 years.

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